About Us

The Nitrox” is a special diving technique, where a combination of Nitrogen and Oxygen is used by professional divers to stay longer under the sea. Just like you would like to stay more at our pub! We are two entrepreneurs, who are professional divers and who love great craft beer, special cocktails and rock music all around the world. That’s why; we wanted to combine everything we loved and created “The Nitrox Pub & Eatery”. Our journey started in September 2019, when we were fascinated by the great atmosphere of the Kotor Old Town and decided to move inside. Our dreams were to create the best diver’s pub in the Adriatic with great music, food and drinks and to meet with all divers and travellers around the world.

We wanted to make a difference in Kotor Old Town by creating the first divers’ pub. Our pub plays the greatest rock, blues and jazz hits and we are sure you would love to hear your favorite songs here. In our menu, you can find delicious snacks, exclusive local craft beers, premium spirits, local wines and special cocktails!

  •  Meeting Point of Divers and Travellers
  •  Great Rock, Blues and Jazz Music
  •  +35 Types of Local Craft Beer (Tap & Cans), Premium Spirits and +230 Types of Cocktails!

We are proud to serve 4 types of local craft beer on the tap and +30 types of local craft beer in the bottles and cans. You can find variety of IPAs, New England IPAs, Double/Triple IPAs, DDH IPAs, Wheat Beers, Sour Beers, Stout & Porter Beers and many more! We are the only distributor of the beers we are serving and pick each beer for our menu very carefully. All beers are exclusive to The Nitrox Pub!

  •  4 Types of Nitrox Local Craft Beer & Special Guinness on Tap!
  •  +30 Types of Local Craft Beer in Bottles / Cans.
  •  All Beers exclusive to The Nitrox Pub!

In The Nitrox Pub, we are proud to serve +230 types of cocktails - all studied & created by our mixologist in a long and fun journey. As our business concept, our cocktails are prepared only with high-quality alcohol brands with extra alcohol content than the usual/classic recipes, to offer our guests the best and wildest cocktail experience.

  • +230 Types of Cocktails, all categorized into different sections to ease the decision process.
  • Extra boozy cocktails, made with premium quality alcohol brands.
  • Delicious combinations of different taste profiles.

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